Friday, August 24, 2007

AHHHH Teenagers

This is my first entry to my own blog. I think this is pretty cool technology and it looks great and professional. Ultimately I want this blog to be about my book, Women Who Want It All, And Get It Too, but I have yet to write it.

It is about the conflicts of every woman who tries to be everything to everyone ideally all the time. Of course we know in our hearts that it is impossible but one can't stop trying. Only to find out that we give too much, he is not that into us, we need to know the secret, the power of positive thinking, yoga is good, pilates helps with the injury. In short the woman is never there, wherever that might be. Certainly life is a journey not a destination but I have not given up hope that when I have accomplished everything in the immediate future including raising my teenager daughter who turns 15 in two weeks, that I will be THERE. There is the place when I have peace, are not stressed anymore, have an endless amount of time, a great relationship and am peachy with the teen that so hates me right now.

Perhaps this can be used as my fact finding, note making personal blog, that nobody knows about. I did buy the read little book to make notes of my precious thoughts, but after two months of carrying that around, while looking great, it lead to not one note. When I write I have to sit down in front of the keyboard and then the words come to mind.

Well this is a pretty good start for me.