Friday, June 27, 2008

The Four Steps:

Ego-RHYTHM is a four step concept. It's easy to understand and follow. I call it K.A.R.L. and the letters stand for: Know, Accept, Relax, Live

- Know and identify what ego-RHYTHM you are in.In my book is a list of the most common ego-RHYTHMS that I have identified.
- Accept the current ego-RHYTHM, focus on the main event and let the rest of your life happen.
- Relax, you will change the main focus of your life again according to your personal rhythm. Most people's main rhythm is between 3-4 years.
- Live in the now and don't worry how to accomplish everything you ever wanted by this evening. You get to have it all- just over time and not at once.

My message:

I am a woman who has always wanted it all. If men did not have to decide on either family or career then neither should I have to. I’ve been told many times that it is not possible for women to have it all. Of course I had to prove everyone wrong. There had to be a way to do it. For years I struggled to figure out a way to make it work and I drove myself crazy in the process. There was no time for friends or a social life, it felt as if there was work to do everywhere I looked. I was miserable. I learned about spiritual concepts and Yoga, I meditated and did just about anything that could help me get to that perfect place. Did I mention that I wanted to be happy, too? One day I stopped and looked at my life and suddenly it became clear to me. The secret is that life has a rhythm and the dreaded constant changes were the universes way of giving me what I had asked for. While I was still searching - I had already achieved much of what was on my want it all list. In my book “Women Who Want It All And Get It, Too,” I am sharing my gentle method of knowledge and acceptance of ego-RHYTHM with you.

My dream is that every mother will give this book to her daughter and will give her the message: “This simple method is the key to having it all. It will come over time and not all at once. Your life will change again, you might as well start living fully in the moment.”

What exactly is ego-RHYTHM?

What exactly is ego-RHYTHM?

ego-RHYTHM is a simple method that enables you to approach life in a new light. ego-RHYTHM teaches you how to live your life one rhythm at a time and how to be fully in the moment.

Although ego-RHYTHM applies to both men and women, each has their own way of interpreting it. Men can set one main focus and follow it until their next idea comes into play. Women tend to think too far into the future instead of being focused on the now. ego-RHYTHM will give you the tools to know and accept where you are currently so that you can begin to truly enjoy your journey.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Defining ego-Rhythm

Still working on how to formulate my method. Little did I know how long it takes and how many thoughts go into the creation of a book. First there is your idea and desire to create. I love creation, I love doing something that has not been done before and learning about a new thing. So I created the method of ego-Rhythm. It's a pretty clever little thought I must say so myself. I am still working on how to put it in simple terms so that it is easy to understand. Perhaps I have to ramble along for a little bit to help my thought to formulate.

Most of my career life I had a much easier time to associate with men then with women. For the longest time I thought it has something to do with me being to competitive, but it's not true. I like men especially at work as they can single focus on a topic and just stick with it. Unwaivering and attached to the issue until it is done. Then and only then will they move to another subject or task. While I like some chaos around me and multi tasking I am very project oriented. I can start it from ten different angles and will chip away at each corner until until I get to the point where it becomes messy. Then I have to organize it and it starts to take form.

The method of ego-Rhythm is a main focus idea. While life happens we think we need to be everything at all times to everyone and it is just not possible. I have applied the concept of main focus to our life and voila it is so much easier. Allow yourself to focus on one thing, the rest happens regardless, and you will be able to enjoy the journey.