Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HUB weekend

This last weekend I was invited by my former colleague Hugh after he read my blog to check out HUB. www.hubhub.org

It is a fairly new organization dedicated to personal empowerment and humanitarian assistance where it is needed. While they are new they have attracted a caliber of spiritual leaders that blew my mind away. The list reads like the who is who in motivational leadership. I was able to enjoy talks by Brendon Burchard, the unstoppable Cynthia Kersey and learned about The Passion Test from Chris Attwood. The person who impressed me most was the visionary behind all of it, Charlie Gay. I can't even imagine who can think up such a concept and attract that many powerful do'ers. Needless to say that I joined the group. For $99 a month I can participate and feed 3 people. A word of caution for those who are weary of what is out there. HUB is a networking idea. If someone joins they'll join underneath you. Then you get a commission. What I like is that HUB is for profit. My father taught me the more money you make and the more successful you are the more impact you make. The network pyramid thing is definitely not for everyone. My approach is pragmatic as always. There is more good about it then negative. The people attending seemed to be taking a lot away for their personal journeys. I took away enough to feel they deserve my input. On top of it all it can never hurt to be so close to powerful leadership.