Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finishing 2008

It is hard to believe that we almost finished the year 2008 already. When I began in February to take time off I was worried how I could fill my days. That ended up being no problem at all! My days still run away from me now as they did when I worked full time in an office. Writing my book "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too," has taken over much of my day every day and I have become a full time writer and speaker already. I accept it is in my nature to build new things and to create. No idle time for me.

A while ago I had promised to give some feedback on what the test reader group has to say about the book. The first draft was sent to a group of 50 people. The intention was put forward to test the concept of ego-RHYTHM and the method of KARL.

45 women, 5 men ranging from ages 25 to 64 were in the test group. The response from the group of 21-30 and 31-40 is essentially identical. The group of 41-50 and the group of 51 and above also have comparable feedback. Men understand the concept of ego-RHYTHM and the method of KARL but have a tough time with the emotional component (surprise!).

Now in the second revision of the book I am adding more examples from other women and additional exercises. Feedback has shown that while my personal viewpoint of the book is well received ultimately it was too focused on me. By adding examples and tips of women who already use some of the concepts that I write about such as want-it-all lists and vision boards or "I" language I am able to broaden the appeal to more readers. The group of women whom I interviewed includes PH D's and life coaches who have very smart things to say.

The reader who will gain the most benefit from the book is between 25-40 (up to 45) depending on personal development. These years I refer to as the defining years. This group's feedback is phenomenal on the concept and the method. Already I have received word from one woman in Chicago who had put on her want-it-all list that she wanted to be a Marketing Manager. I am proud to report that within four weeks after making the list she now holds this position! Talk about concepts that really work! Other feedback include:

“I think the concept is amazing in its simplicity and am going to be using it while I’m setting goals and making plans for the New Year.”

“This book helped me to define where I’m at in my life and where I want to be. The exercises really helped me to pinpoint the areas I need to work on and gave me concrete strategies to work with. It’s the most hands-on self-help book I’ve read in ages!”

“There is not doubt a rhythm to life and being able to look back and take inventory and realize that this too shall pass is very liberating and extremely informative.”

“Beate really gets one to soul search and dig deep in one’s wants and goals with “Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too.” Totally real, understandable content makes a person think and analyze their life - past, present and future. I am not normally a book reader because most bore me or just ramble on and on, but this book was enjoyable, enlightening. I will be waiting for it to be in print available for purchase! Excellent, must have resource.”

“After doing the ego-RHYTHM exercises, I gained a tremendous sense of satisfaction and appreciation for where I am in my life: and I feel confident that I will have it all!”

“First, let me say that the concept of ego-RHYTHM is unique and enlightening. Understanding the length of one's natural ego-RHYTHM and knowing which ego-RHYTHM one is in is truly liberating. It allows one to accept and to embrace where one is in one's life in order to move on and not get stuck or discouraged.

Needless to say that I am thrilled to get such great feedback. In addition I am adding a chapter "Mid Life and After." Especially the age group of 45 and above felt that the ego-RHYTHM's are not as prominent in later life, which I agree with. There comes a time where the stress levels out and we do achieve balance. As we move through our defining years and accomplish much of what we want we are able to enjoy more aspects of our lives at once.

Overall the respondents suggested to structure the book in a clearer format and to organize my thoughts better. I had a feeling that this would come up. My brain always goes sixty miles an hour and I have to spend some time in working out some of my thoughts in greater detail to make it easier to understand. I always had told my staff that "I don't know what you don't know, so you have to tell me." Now I have been told and can make changes accordingly. I am so very grateful for the fabulous and opinionated women who have agreed to read and review the book. They were asked to be honest and they were. Everyone pointed out what I missed and what I got right.

More than ever I am convinced that the book will be a huge success. The concept and the use of the method KARL will help women to take the stress out of today's struggles. It already does for the ones who read it.

Got to go and write some more.

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Happy New Year