Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good News and Bad News

A few days ago a woman in Los Angeles gave birth to eight babies. They were born nine weeks early but everything went without a hitch. The pictures on TV and in the newspaper feature an ecstatic team of doctors, beaming of joy that the birth went so well. The team had expected seven but oops, an eight one snuck in. What a great chuckle for the reader. I guess eight is as good as seven, maybe even better. Overall this is great message of joy and a miracle. The babies are doing well, almost all breathe on their own. The mom is happy and beginning to breastfeed. On top of it this is a positive story about an HMO, something we all would like to hear for once.

Then today the message shifts. On CNN and other media outlets we suddenly read reports of why a pregnancy with that many babies is unnecessarily dangerous. How one fertility doctor believes that the couple chooses simple fertility injections (as they are cheaper) versus an in vitro (which is more expensive). It sounds as he implies that the couple made some bad decisions. Some other doctor thinks there should have been a reduction of fetuses to reduce the risk for the mother and the stronger babies. Yet another story said that problems of premature babies would not surface until later. When you are done reading a great feel good moment turns into thoughts of doubt and judgment.

My blood began to boil. What in the world is wrong with this picture?

The world is in the midst of trying times and a lot of what goes on around you is very tough stuff. It is hard to feel good when there is so much despair around you. Most of my readers are familiar with spiritual concepts and most likely you avoid as much as you can the overload of negativity around you.

Having eight seemingly healthy babies is fabulous. It is impossible to not be in awe of this family who clearly wanted to conceive and accepted all that came with it. And they made it! This should be celebrated just as we celebrated the miracle of the Hudson. It is not true that only bad news sell. Remember when "Sully" landed his plane in the Hudson just a few weeks ago. We absorbed the good news and rehashed them over and over again. Why? We need stories of hope so we can hold onto our faith and believes that we will get through this time of turmoil and that everything will turn out OK. It is imperative that we find things that go right and know a person by name that has done something good.

For the woman and the man who wants it all this is a call to action. We can and will stay positive and focused on the good stuff. How can you contribute? When you hear a story that makes you feel good or gives you hope - tell your friends. Twitter links to articles that give you that warm fussy feeling or post them on your Facebook account. Call your friends. Resist the temptation to start your conversation with how many people have lost their jobs and homes and instead be a messenger of good news. Little by little we can shift our consciousness beginning with our immediate surroundings. And that sounds already pretty good to me.

I send you my very best wishes and hope this finds you exceptionally well.

I invite you to post your good news on this blog, my Facebook or tweet me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Help! I am struggling.

Help! I am struggling. This was a Facebook entry I received today from a fabulous, smart self employed woman in Florida. She asked about ideas, tips or techniques that could be recommended. Anything, ANYTHING that I can share that might help her to get over the current bump. A series of tough blows brought her to her knees.

When faced with adversity especially in tough economic times (and I remind you that Mercury is going retrograde until February 2nd) we ask - why me, why now, when is it going to be over? Our external circumstances are discouraging. The economy, depression vs recession, plummeting portfolios, savings and declining home values leave us feeling down and heavy. On top of it, the planets are going nuts as communication for the next few weeks will be triple as difficult. Mercury rules all personal and electronic communication.

For the Woman Who Wants It All it can be very discouraging when you do all the right things and "stuff" keeps on getting in the way. So what is the right action, thought, or method to use when you feel life is giving you too much to handle and you cannot take it anymore?

Remember you have a trusted "man" on your side. KARL (know, accept, relax, live. Apply the actions of KARL whenever you hit a snag.

  • Know that you are eye-to-eye with a pretty big bump on your road. You must get through this and you will - somehow. Challenges are a part of life, you've gone through stuff before.
  • Accept that today is a tough day and that you are struggling with your situation. Don't fight it, allow and accept it. Set yourself a time limit and throw a great pity-party for yourself.
  • Relax - you might as well. When you time limit is up, remind yourself that you will conquer this one, too. Take a breath and focus on positive thinking. "I Will Get Better."
  • Live a little. Give yourself a reward for being brave and courageous. Do a favorite activity such as rent a funny movie, go for a walk, grab a coffee, paint, read, have a drink or cook for a friend.
And even when all of this goes on we are able to witness a miracle. The miracle on the Hudson when a plane lands on an icy river and within five minutes everyone is rescued.

Remind yourself, even when the going gets really tough - there is always a light that shines brightly that gives us hope. You will be better - soon.

Stay the course.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And a Happy New Year

Dear Reader,

First of all, let me wish you a wonderful and successful 2009. We continue to see change all around - hence do expect that your life will probably see elements of change, too. Change is great once we have completed it but a tough nut to swallow while you are in the middle of it. Regardless of how worried you might be and how negative things appear around you, stay firm in your believe that at the end of this you will be OK.

Even for the most positive person, it is hard to ignore the drama around us. A shooting over Christmas, a Ponzi scheme from an investment firm that serviced many charities and now someone who stages his own death to avoid facing the mess he is in. But then I came across Larry Flynt asking congress to bail out the porn industry. In internet terms I was ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). Today the news say that the banks want more money and who knows who else is going to ask for a bailout next? We must make an effort, like Larry to see the humor in the drama and believe it will all get better soon.

As a result I thought I'd come up with a few bailout ideas for Women Who Want It All. The below listed thoughts will bail you out from your own negative thinking. Your bailout comes from one person alone - YOU. Here are your thoughts for 2009:
  • Change begins with you alone. Do what you can today.
  • Focus on what you can check off your list today not everything you still haven't done.
  • Any progress regardless how small it may be - is still progress.
  • Celebrate your victories, irrespective of how big or small. Depending on your budget give yourself a free reward such as going for a long walk, cut out an hour early or stop for your favorite ice cream or if your budget permits, a new outfit.
  • Make a conscious attempt right now to think about what you are grateful for and say 'thank you' for what you have.
  • Remember to enjoy this moment which is what John Travolta says we must do as we never know - it could be the last one like this.
  • Believe that things will get better every day until you have what you want.
Enjoy your week, your families, yourself and your work. Life is good in essence.


Know that I appreciate you very much. I thank my friends from twitter, Facebook and this blog for your support.