Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Law Of Attraction

Why is it that some concepts are so easy to implement and we can succeed in them and others are not? How is it that some self help books leave me feeling inadequate and as if I had not gotten it right? Could it be that the Law of Attraction only works well for some people for certain elements of their lives? Why is it that some things are easier to apply then others? After pondering on it for a few days it dawned on my. Following my idea of ego-RHYTHM the Law of Attraction is no different. Only during the time in which you are destined to achieve a certain component of your life, applying the law works best. Think about all the books you have read. Do they not use very specific examples usually one thing? I remember reading some of the success stories in The Secret. They are very specific, one story says that my husband used it to cure his health. Another story is about a women who used it to invite love into her life.

The trick is to be single focused on one major issue and give your attention to a particular component of your life that you want to improve. Ideally coinciding with where you are in your ego-RHYTHM. The Law of Attraction states that you envision your goal and firmly believe that you have already achieved it. This positive believe system invites all the energies from the universe, God or any other spiritual entity that works for you. It puts the Universe in motion and as we live in harmony and agreement with our surroundings your wish is delivered. Sounds so easy. If it was this easy, when then does not everyone do it and succeed in it every day? We should be one happy continent if this was to work so well.

The law works, but you need to use your knowledge of ego-RHYTHM and where you are in your personal life’s journey. Decide what it is that you want to achieve or attract during this single focus period. Only focus on that, know that you can change your focus if you like. This is your secret to attracting what it is that you want. One final tip: instead of presenting a shopping list, ask for what is best, or your perfect match/career.

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