Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Women and Politics

Geez, what a mess. She is hot, successful and has a good looking husband whom she's been married to for 20 years. She has five kids and some interesting hobbies. She is clearly a woman who wants it all and it she is going for it 100%.

When you are against abortion does that mean you are against birth control, too? If Mom just had a baby 5 months ago (the exact time her daughter got pregnant) wouldn't you think someone had talked to the girls about sex and birth control?

Do I believe that a 17 year old should get married? Absolutely not. Is it the best they can come up with for damage control? Yes it probably is. We have to keep the conservatives happy.

Irrespective of what I believe in, my focus is on the woman. What a gutsy move and what a bold statement. I have to give it to McCain. Now the entire world will take her life apart and ask every crush she has ever had in high school. Her hair color, appearance and every speech she has ever made will be scrutinized. Every decision she has ever made, every piece of paper she signed, every vote she has given on any subject is under the microscope. On CNN the female reporter grilled McCain's campaign manager about the relevant experience if the 72 year old candidate McCain bites the bullet. Brilliant question that Brian (the man in my life) posed already last Friday. Would the world be ready for a 44 year old woman to run this country?

From our perspective as women (and I will be 44 this month) I am having a field day with this. It will give us a very clear indication on just how far we have come yet or not. Obama is 47, hardly a big age difference. His experience is dismal as well. Now it is a first hand, front row seat to see the difference men and women are viewed by the press, the public eye and finally, ourselves.

Buckle up, this will be fun.

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Chris Mitchell said...

Palin has been running a state. obamessiah has been flim-flamming. There's a big difference between being substantive and being a ne'er-do-well grifter. Nonetheless, the mainstream media/propagandists paint shameless grifter obamessiah as, "All that glitters is gold!" So, they exhort American sheeple, "Blindly support our anointed-savior Golden Boy." Dutiful drones as they are, propagandists ignore, thereby covering up, obamessiah's dubious personal immoralities as well as affiliations and activities with known criminals. it is not a saint nor shall it ever be.

At least Palin's accomplishments rightfully accrued merit. She fits your ego-RHYTHM profile of "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too". But, she won't be painted as a saint. Stories (i.e., lies, rumors, slanders, etc.) need not be true. They only need to persist for a time before November. Without back-searching the details, there was a "news" report earlier in '08 about Alaska's federal senators and representative politicking to criminally corrupt the U.S. Constitution (through "pork barrel" 'earmarks'" and anti-USA deals to 'wheel & deal' away sovereign Alaskan territories to Russia). Palin had a role in the report as either their foil or de facto accomplice; don't recall which.