Friday, November 21, 2008

Feedback is coming in

Today I am feeling like a million bucks. Thus far I have heard from 25% of the test group that are returning their feedback to me and I can't stop smiling.

While I can't share too much yet as I want to remain neutral and not influence anyone's opinion (yet) of my book "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too" I can say I am pleased.

The concept of ego-RHYTHM is in the easiest format described as everything comes in due time. Being happy or a mom, having bad luck or putting emphasis on family and health are just some of the rhythms that are outlined in the book. Knowing that what you are going through at this very moment (today) might just be a string of bad luck - gives you permission to stop beating yourself up for not being in a better position. You also learn as you go through the exercises and write up your want-it-all list how to focus on the good stuff ahead of you. Which is what we must remind ourselves of especially in times like these. The world will not panic forever, this too, shall pass.

The book gets good feedback from some of the male readers in the test group as well. When my boyfriend and I flew to Canada he was reviewing the draft. In his company he is part of the executive senior management and used to red-line documents and proof proposals. This was truly the first time since I 'retired' from my day-to-day job that he would see or read or review something that I have done. We are in the plane, I pretend to read something else but couldn't help to notice some eye-rolling, loud turning of pages, a sigh here and there and I am thinking to myself that he thinks it's terrible. I try to be invisible and sink into my seat more and more. Another half hour later he looks at me, takes my script, gives me a serious look and proceeds to tell me that I didn't explain something well enough. As I listen to his argumentation I started to laugh and said: "Wait a minute, you just learned the concept of ego-RHYTHM over the last hour and you are already explaining to ME why I did not explain my own concept in my own draft well enough." I took a breath and felt very reassured that I am onto something big.

As a reminder my concept of ego-RHYTHM and the method of KARL are universal and apply to men and women alike. It is only the book that I am writing that is geared specifically to women. The reason is obvious - I am a specialist on wanting it all, because I refused to believe that there was something I could not do or achieve.

Who knows, maybe there is a series: Men Who Want It All, Teens Who Want It All...

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