Monday, November 24, 2008

Genuine or Not?

A few posts ago I was responding to an anonymous blogger (Greed and Having-It-All). I assumed it was a "he" but learned it is a "she". One of my readers Elaine posted a response to the blog and anonymous in Las Vegas responded to it.

Reading the response I am told that my writing does not come across as genuine. In addition that the use of the terms "we" as in "we, the women I write and speak for", is to self centered and should probably be more a "I."

Alright then, fair enough. When you write a book is there a different way to write other than the one I see it? It's not a documentary or a scientific paper - I write about my pragmatic way to see what is, what has been and how the heck I (and you) get from there to getting what you want. Am I the worlds greatest writer? Probably not and I am not expecting a Pulitzer Price for it. But, there is a thought...

If I would have listened to everyone who has an objection to what I think or do and that includes my own mother - I would not have become the American Dream. In fact, I would have never left Germany. I am here because I rolled up my sleeves and despite everyone else being more educated, smarter, richer, better, faster and further ahead, I did it anyway. What I learned is that I am now smarter, richer, better and faster and further ahead and I continue to educate myself. That is my story and that is the story that resonates. It is a story of hope and determination. Best of all it has a happy ending and it inspires others. The more women/people who know someone like me - the better. How many people do you know who actually made it big? Call it corny, stubborn, opinionated, crazy or plain egocentric - you could have a point here, I am not disagreeing. But it is genuine if for no other reason than it is in fact a true story (and its a really good one, too.) I only write about what I know and what works for me. If it worked for me maybe it can work for others as well?

It doesn't stop here though. I truly believe that by sharing what I have learned from the school of hard knocks with other women that I can help them to do their own trailblazing. Selfish or selfless? Does it matter? Results are what matters.

Talking about results. I am an Entrepreneur before I am anything else. If I know about one thing it is to design a product/idea, make it work, brand it and sell it. My book is a product and it will only be a great one if it feels a need. There is no scientific study on KARL or ego-RHYTHM (yet). But the test group of fifty that has read the draft now and responded to both, the method and the concept seem to.... Too bad I can't tell you yet, I have to wait until all fifty are back to share the data about what is said. Again, I need to stay neutral until the responses are back to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion.

Anonymous in Las Vegas, be assured that while I thought it up, designed it, wrote it, believe in it and know it works, that there is much input that goes into the book to make it great. The bestselling book "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too," will be a bestseller for only one reason - it hits a nerve and it is timely.

It is not for everyone though. I am not trying to be everything to everyone. When I speak I open by saying that the listeners will only remember from the keynote that I am about to give what applies to them - forget the rest. This is no different. I am not preaching, it's not gospel, it is what I know works. Take from it what works for you or nothing at all.


Elaine B. said...

To respond to anonymous in Las Vegas-I basically made a statement to your comment there, not anything about the post itself.

As for being genuine-I did read your manuscript. The fact that you show what events in your life that changed it and how using KARL became a tool for making your goals a reality, made your book feel like a useful map you had used before, and now you are passing it on to us.

Thank you for doing that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beate for your response. Again, as a single mother myself, raising a teen-ager, and having been very successful in my own field (I sold my company to IGT, a gaming company) I too have had my own similar experiences.

The reasons I'm intrigued by your method of KARL is the fact that I have given much thought about "the path to success." And like you, I "traded" my personal life and happiness for the better good of making a vision come true. I think you would agree, it's not easy, it's not pretty, and it's not fun . . . granted, there are moments of sunshine along the way . . . but hard work is rarely rewarded along the way.

I've spent hours, days, months since selling my company reading blogs, research materials, history, social studies, and basically anything I could get my hands on to get a better understanding of what makes us tick as women and, with an emphasis on business acumen and success, what steps that those of us who have been successful followed along the way. I couldn't agree more . . . a great deal of it is accepting where you are and going forward from there . . . with little regard for the past and really paying attention to the moment.

I wish you continued success with your writing and development of your concept. And I will continue to follow your progress . . . certainly looking forward to see how it unfolds.

Lauren B - Las Vegas