Saturday, January 17, 2009

Help! I am struggling.

Help! I am struggling. This was a Facebook entry I received today from a fabulous, smart self employed woman in Florida. She asked about ideas, tips or techniques that could be recommended. Anything, ANYTHING that I can share that might help her to get over the current bump. A series of tough blows brought her to her knees.

When faced with adversity especially in tough economic times (and I remind you that Mercury is going retrograde until February 2nd) we ask - why me, why now, when is it going to be over? Our external circumstances are discouraging. The economy, depression vs recession, plummeting portfolios, savings and declining home values leave us feeling down and heavy. On top of it, the planets are going nuts as communication for the next few weeks will be triple as difficult. Mercury rules all personal and electronic communication.

For the Woman Who Wants It All it can be very discouraging when you do all the right things and "stuff" keeps on getting in the way. So what is the right action, thought, or method to use when you feel life is giving you too much to handle and you cannot take it anymore?

Remember you have a trusted "man" on your side. KARL (know, accept, relax, live. Apply the actions of KARL whenever you hit a snag.

  • Know that you are eye-to-eye with a pretty big bump on your road. You must get through this and you will - somehow. Challenges are a part of life, you've gone through stuff before.
  • Accept that today is a tough day and that you are struggling with your situation. Don't fight it, allow and accept it. Set yourself a time limit and throw a great pity-party for yourself.
  • Relax - you might as well. When you time limit is up, remind yourself that you will conquer this one, too. Take a breath and focus on positive thinking. "I Will Get Better."
  • Live a little. Give yourself a reward for being brave and courageous. Do a favorite activity such as rent a funny movie, go for a walk, grab a coffee, paint, read, have a drink or cook for a friend.
And even when all of this goes on we are able to witness a miracle. The miracle on the Hudson when a plane lands on an icy river and within five minutes everyone is rescued.

Remind yourself, even when the going gets really tough - there is always a light that shines brightly that gives us hope. You will be better - soon.

Stay the course.

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Aviatrix said...

Well this was timely! What perfect guidance to read at this point in my life, heck... in my day. (May I just whine for a moment... the last thing I need when I'm this exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to start my own business to meet our family's financial needs is my husband getting upset with me that I'm not putting his needs first. Aarggh. Okay --whine is over!) Very good to be reminded that I do know I'll get through this. And that I need to let myself take some time to relax!