Thursday, October 9, 2008

and hello

I look around in wonder. We are all grown ups and yet we have managed in only one month to run this country into depression. We keep this attitude up we will loose in much larger ways then anyone can even imagine today. It is all connected.

Repeat after me: I am a person who wants it all and my time is now. I will not be affected by the negativity nor will I fuel the panic with my thoughts and actions.

Fine, we knew that someone who makes $50,000 a year should not be in a $500,000 home. It had to come down crashing eventually. Just like now back THEN everyone ran to buy a house and money practically grew on trees. Got to take advantage of the low mortgage rates. Then reality sank in and interest rates reset and tada there are a lot of empty houses all over the place. Why don't we rent the darn things as now rents are going through the roof! Just a practical thought.

Short selling is another one of those great ideas. Let me make profit speculating on someone’s downfall! From a spiritual perspective you might as well buy your ticket to go to hell. What are we thinking? We need to offset losses, yes I get that, but to bet on the system crashing is like taking ten loaded guns to bed and hoping you will wake up alive. Remind me again why we are allowing that? That's right, you don't even have to buy the stock and own it, you can only 'pretend' you have it and still make the money. Slap left; slap right, bad, bad, bad.

Oil is great, right. So let us ALL buy Oil. Oh geez it gets more expensive. Oh no, $4 a gallon, what should we do after we drove the price through the roof because we wanted to bet money that we don't have on that? Then someone says, let's overprice a Hybrid so it will take you four years to offset the extra green premium of $5000 to break even. (Well, let me tell you it'll be a Mercedes for me while you may all cramp into that ugly car. By the time my lease is up we will be even and I will have had more fun driving.) But wait, now the Oil is going down. Let us bet that the demand will shrink because people need to save money and they will stay home. Look, the prices are going down more and more. Exxon is not making a record profit. Someone give me a tissue to wipe my tear.

Within one month, we have stopped our lives midair. We are mesmerized by the bad messages and the media and the government should be put over my knee for a big spanking. What are you thinking? We KNOW people are worried and we know people are not buying anything. Do you really have to keep talking about it and contemplate that the rest of the world can fall into a man made crisis as well?
Remember back in the days when they handed out motion sickness bags in planes? One person threw up and then everyone did. Know where I am going with this? You are right they are all throwing up worldwide. Thank God I see some humor in this.
Let me sum it up. You decide if you are part of the contraction or part of the solution. You keep worrying, that is what you get back. Focus on what you can do. Go out and BUY something today, keep it going. We must change the energy around us, which is admittedly a little hard when Mercury is in retrograde. Only one more week and the gloom will lift, the gloom will lift, the gloom will lift….


Elaine B. said...

I agree 100%! It seems that when mass hysteria hits the news stands (or your news feed), its hard not to get invested in the energy of the news.

I try to handle the news as little as possible. Need to know basis like in the army! :D

Anonymous said...

The country wasn't run into financial despair in one month, instead it has been a process that has been taking place for many years. A process filled with lies, deception, missteps and potholes along the way. The American public has been duped and greed has run its course, yielding to the other market driver: fear.

Credit was too loose and unqualified buyers were able to purchase homes, cars, and "things" they would never had been able to. Rates are STILL low, but qualifying criteria is far more strict. The problem with "renting" empty homes isn't that a higher rent is to be had, but rather the banks are left holding a piece of property that is overvalued for any income stream relative to payment. Who is going to rent the house they can't even pay for? I'm not sure what you are getting at here?

Short selling is a fantastic tool that has nothing to do with a spiritual perspective nor going to bed with loaded guns. That's ridiculous. You shouldn't talk about something you don't know about. Short-selling allows you to borrow something that you then sell with a promise to buy it back in the future. It has been a saving grace for many companies and economies throughout history. Think of a company like Safeway that is able to borrow energy that they sell at $100 today and buy back at $80 in three months. That cost saving is passed on to YOU the consumer through lower prices at the check out stand. Fluctuations in prices have always been a part of normal market activity. So to say short selling is bad is, well, uninformed or unpracticed. Let's keep the financial advice to those that are qualified and licensed to give it.

The entire Bush regime, dating back to George the 1st was all about artificial pricing of oil including the use of risk premiums, supply and demand tricks, and back-room deals. When George the 2nd took office, Sadam Hussein threatened to flood the world with oil, pushing prices at the pump down to 40 or 50 cents per gallon. That would bankrupt the Bush/Cheney machine. They invaded Iraq without cause, sucked the oil out and stored it in Saudi Arabia, created hyperfear that inflated prices, put Halliburton in for Cheney to get more rich, and pulled off the real "dark con of man". The only way out is less dependency. But make no mistake --- we are all suckers in this one. Think about it ... we voted this idiot in twice! AMERICA is to blame, not just George W Bush. GET OUT AND VOTE! If you don't vote, you can't complain.

Fear and greed are the most powerful emotional drivers of we humans. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being a bad parent, fear of losing someone we love, fear of financial worth or security --- we are all very familiar with how we react through fear. I would encourage you and your readers to consider this: what have you done out of greed? Who have you foresaken for money? Who have you taken advantage of for your own personal gain? What are you willing to sacrafice to "Get it all too?" As much as we know about fear, GREED is far more evil and concerning to me. "Wanting it all and Getting it to" comes with a cost that I haven't heard you speak of. FEAR and GREED both motivate us to "do" things --- but GREED is the villain yet explored.