Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greed and Having-It-All

I just read the fabulously biting response to my post ‘...and hello’.

Yes, it is true I did not study finance nor do I understand the intricacies of the financial world. But then again who does these days? Spoken to someone from the financial world lately? I bet you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who has witnessed such a spectacle throughout his or her financial career. Am I not a financial specialist but I am an investor and I do participate in this economy and my Blog represents my opinion.

The responder 'anonymous' is right. We got into this mess inch by inch over a prolonged period of time. We know that. I doubt that by now there is anyone who doesn’t understand what the steps were that got us there. What I referred to was the panic and hysteria that we have seen in the last two months. For crying out loud, people are buying a safe and putting their cash under their mattresses. The banks stopped lending to each other and are hording cash. Credit limits on credit cards are slashed and it has become a difficult thing to get a loan period. It looks like a panic and acts like a panic – it probably is a panic. Remember oil – that went through the roof up to $147 per barrel in June and today it is $62.73. Before that the housing market went nuts and before that the .com boom, we keep doing the same thing.

The question that mattered to me most in 'anonymous' posts is this: How much does my topic of wanting and getting it all contributes to the overall 'greed?' Fabulous question and I am delighted to answer that.

You have to read the upcoming bestselling book to see how it plays out in detail. But greed and having it all are two different things.

In my book that is titled "Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too" I speak to women. I am guessing 'anonymous' is a man. Men don't think about having it all, it comes embedded in their genetic make-up. My book addresses the dilemma that women face, as we want to have (all) love, family, careers and money, too.

Our role models, our mothers did not live the have-it-all model. We were left to fend for ourselves. What we are looking at today is the best-case scenario of what we have figured out so far. Perhaps the model is slightly flawed, as we are still struggling to say the least. I state that the evolution for women is therefore greater then the evolution of men as by the example of the last 50 years. Women have conquered more ground and changed more during this time period then men. Wanting and having it all are very personal, individualized criteria's and each of us has to define what that means for ourself. Most everyone I know, including myself earn his or her own money. Most are happy to make ends meet and have a little left over. We participate in what 'anonymous' calls greed through our 401K's and the mutual funds of our children but that is probably not so clear to us. We are in a free economy and it will regulate itself, it always has. Do we and will we learn from it is the more important question. Sh@* happens, what comes after it is what counts.

Having it all and getting it too is a non-judgmental idea. You have the right to define it for yourself. My having it all includes other then the cash to live the life I want to live also happiness and family and health.

Here is an exert from the chapter of Creating Your Want-It-All list:

Be careful what you ask for ... because you might get it. Make sure you remain positive and ask for things that truly are for your best and the greater good for everyone. Do not ask for things like revenge or, even worse, wish an accident or death upon anyone. If you put this kind of effort in creating your future, then you might as well ask for the right things so you end up happy. Only good things come from good things. When you ask for money, make sure you include fulfillment and happiness as well to round it up. Only wish for things that will help you to become the person you want to be.

If money is all you love, then that’s what you’ll receive! Princess Leia Organa to Han Solo, “Star Wars: A New Hope”

Some of my ideas, no matter how absurd they may sound (as in can we not just rent out the oversupply of the current housing market?) may not be based on anything other then a pragmatic look at a 'why not'? Could there be a company that could manage something like that and could that make sense to some extend – you answer that.

In my book I write that if no new ideas would be born then we would have never seen progress. All progress and all change always starts with one thing - the idea of one person.

And ‘anonymous’ I invite you to join my test reader group to evaluate the concept of ego-RHYTHM and the method of KARL. I need critical voices that will take it apart and really test it. And thank you for your post.


Elaine B. said...

I think a clear distinctions must be made between "having it all" and "greed". Two very different motivators propel each one and you were very good at explaining that.

Regardless of whomever of the "chosen poisons" we elected into our government, it is also our responsibility as consumers to know our credit boundaries, and be savvy rather than to get caught up on the "if they are giving it to me (even thought they shouldn`t) it must be mine" mentality. That is the definition of GREED!! Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Free will? If you are fed propaganda and believe it, then shame on you. We are not lab mice. To pose a better question, where did our capability to make intelligent choices go??

We need to shed the "Robin Hood" mentality of steal from the rich and give to the poor. We all pay taxes according to what you have and make. We all can be rich if we wanted to, we live in the land of plenty! No one owes anyone anything, just go earn it. The more you complain about it, the more time you waste not getting your share!

We need to start viewing taxation and the government as a non-profit organization that is helping the poor, sick and the elderly, instead of a money sucking machine. (I say this with full knowledge of the billion dollars a month war we are PAYING, and how it still fails those who it is still supposed to help. I have friends in high places and know the waste factor very well.) As much wasted spending, there is some good.

We are a nation of consumers, and more so than ever we have adopted (not myself included) a self entitlement complex that can (and will, if not kept in check) run us to the ground. Self entitlement is nothing more than greed, the want it all of nothing you have earned.

I know what is mine, no one can take it away. It`s not self entitlement or greed, but the knowledge that either a) I have worked for it and it`s mine, b) I claimed it first therefor is mine or c) That is my goal and I am working towards it and as a result, it is mine. If you HAVE to ask yourself the questions "anonymous" posed, then you are greedy! You can have it all without sacrificing anything that matters. I am doing everyday.

It`s surprising is to hear (to me anyway), that in countries where people die from hunger, not to far from them there is a guy with the means to help and living it up. I wonder if he pays taxes or complains as much as we do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Elaine said (sorry Elaine) but more, I honestly am trying to figure out what you are saying, but can't --- You need to find a way to connect to people in a genuine way. I don't find your writing to be genuine.

I must be up-front and tell you that I find what you are formulating here to be fascinating. You seem to have done really well for yourself (I'm guessing you come from a humble background) and now have a soapbox to stand on. I also think you have a really great story to tell, but I don't feel you are getting the right words down.

Regarding your latest post . . . I understand my prose is direct sometimes and I will try to soften it.

Certainly you can argue that the current social revolution we are enjoying comes with it's costs as well? Women have come a long way, but changing family roles has certainly uprooted the "traditional" family. There are entire college majors dedicated to the study of these very issues.

I see where you are going with this . . . and it's encouraging. You mention a best-seller and I agree, you gotta think big! BUT --- I would like to see more evidence that this method is proven effective and tested. Just how many followers of K.A.R.L. are there? How long have they been following your advice? What have been the results? Whenever I read your blog, I always feel like I could substitute the "we" for "I" and it would be just your story. You need some social science to back this stuff up.

An Anonymous Woman in Las Vegas, Nevada.