Friday, October 3, 2008


So here it goes. I am the same age as SHE. I know probably a little less about politics but I will say that what Palin did is exactly the strategy I would have taken.

When you don't really know the topics inside out but you learn fast then you use that as your strength and are disarmingly honest about it. It served me well as a woman and Sarah made that point loud and clear. She is what she is, she stepped up to the plate and she made a pretty compelling argument about herself. The no nonsense smart Mommy from Alaska with her share of problems, a strong set of beliefs and a burning desire to make a difference. In addition she got the once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate that. Then she takes her sleeping baby and rubs the back of the little munchkin like only Mom's can rocking back and forth and scored big by that alone.

Remember there are a lot of Republican Mom's and die hard Hillary fans like me. The Obama-Biden campaign isn't paying much attention to us, unfortunately.

From the woman who wants it all perspective I must respectfully bow to Sarah Palin and the Republican campaign. She looked great and feminine, she flirted with America and was likable. I liked her. Job well done and women that have not had much to say in household politics in middle America will gladly go and vote for her as she gives them a voice. Very clever and McCain demonstrates a new strategy which is much different then the good-old-boys Texas stuff. And I am not a Republican.

On the other side I wished that Joe would not do that grandfatherly thing, that is a little OLD. But, he did not correct her or attack her personally and I liked that, too. He knows way more then she does and he comes across as well rounded, calm (which I hear he is not) and he understands the workings of politics. Do I believe he will have a better idea what can and cannot be done - you bet.

Biden does not appeal to Hillary fans. Only to those with a father complex (sorry) will want to lean on his shoulder. I see leather chairs and dark paneling and a fire place. Honestly, Obama does not appeal to me that much either, perhaps by my bias opinion and the fact alone that he is a mulatto, just like my daughter and with what I think an identity problem. He has a white mother and black father. How he identifies himself primarily as black and not overall as "brown" (like my daughter when she was little) or "multi-ethnic" is a mystery to me and it feels dishonest. I just don't trust him, period. Smug smile and all those great lines of all the things he want to change in four years – sure... Pick five that I know you can do and stop the change the world overnight thing, I don’t buy it, it’s so, so teenager like.

Who is the better choice? That depends entirely on the next two debates. We are all clear that we cannot take more of the same. America's International appeal and our economy has all but been thrust in the toilet by Bush. He did help me personally though (I might be the only one you can find), so I will be nice enough to say it was probably the best he knew how to do.

McCain or Obama? Obama most definitely runs a sexier campaign and acts like he is the winner already. Talk about manifesting your destiny.

We will all need to ponder over this some more and hope that in the next few weeks the issues will become clearer defined so we can make a choice that is best for this country that I happen to really like a lot. But they are not making it easy on me to figure out what the right thing is.


Anonymous said...

Great post-I can`t say I like one candidate more than the other. Being multi ethnic myself, I know you tend to relate to the race you resemble the most. I don`t resemble any Latino I know, therefore when I sell me, I sell me, NOT my ethnicity.

Not to mention ethnicity always has social stigmas attached. My ethnicity does not carry my skill, or gave me my talents. I worked very hard to break away from the perceived social and cultural epitaphs carried by my ethnicity.

Anyone willing to look at themselves and promote themselves as more than the color of their skin, can break barriers that have been set for centuries.

In the end, we all bleed red.

ego-RHYTHM said...

Very well put.